Helpful Articles

Below are articles that I have found to be helpful and wanted to share with you. Please note that these are articles that I have come across on other sites, from other authors. I am merely just passing on their link in hopes that these articles help and inspire you as much as they have me.

Focus on the five percent | Scott Keller & Bill Schaninger, McKinsey & Company

How You Promote People Can Make or Break Company Culture | Jessica Rohman, Chinwe Onyeagoro, & Michael Bush, Harvard Business Review

I Used to Think HR was B.S. Here’s Why I Was Dead Wrong | Frank Kalman, Managing Editor, Talent Economy

One Change that will Immediately Improve Your Hiring Process | Chris McGoff, Founder, The Clearing

Learning Behavior Change from Criminals | Nik Kenley, Chief Learning Officer

Here’s How You Retain Millennials | Bravetta Hassel, Chief Learning Officer

More Employee-Centric Talent Management in 2017 | Bravetta Hassel, Chief Learning Officer