Who We Are

Great Lakes Profiles, Inc. was founded in 1991 on the belief that an organization’s philosophies are its underpinnings. We believe they are the principles that form its personality and culture. The following is the particular system of principles and beliefs that define Great Lakes Profiles.

Our Partners

  • Value and respect our employees, partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Provide value and satisfaction to our customers
  • Communicate freely; listen to our partners’ goals and help them succeed
  • Base rewards on performance; give credit for accomplishments

Our Business

  • Be driven by a long-range plan
  • Earn a reasonable profit
  • Give, give, give in order to get
  • Invest in the future
  • Continuously improve

Our Society

  • Maintain good relations with the public and the communities in which we live and work
  • Support financially those activities designed to improve our communities
  • Participate in professional and community activities/programs

What We Do

We provide assessment products, coaching, leadership development, team development, and training programs which helps organizations build and develop an outstanding workforce.


Our Mission

We provide simple, flexible, and durable solutions to people issues through the use of world-class assessment products, coaching methodologies, and training materials which are leaders in quality, performance, technology, and value that serve the needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations.