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Below are articles that I have found to be helpful and wanted to share with you. Please note that these are articles that I have come across on other sites, from other authors. I am merely just passing on their link in hopes that these articles help and inspire you as much as they have me.

Does Emotional Intelligence predict Charisma in the Leaders

Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Charismatic Leadership among Postgraduates in Malaysia: PLS-SEM Analysis –

published at the 14th International Conference on Innovation & Management – Conference Paper – July 2019

Charismatic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Values in Organizations

Measuring Personal Charisma, Emotional Intelligence and Savoir-Faire

by Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D. in Psychology Today, March 5, 2011

5 Reasons why Teams don’t work

Suparna Chawla Bhasin – July 1, 2016 in People Matters

For Teams, What Matters More: Raw Talent or a History of Success Together?

Based on the research of Satyam Mukherjee, Yun Huang, Julia Neidhardt, Brian Uzzi, and Noshir Contractor – June 3, 2019 in KelloggInsight

Five ways for leaders to orchestrate better team relationships

Mary Jo Asmus – June 18, 2019 in Aspire

Why Are Workers Quitting Their Jobs in Record Numbers?

SHRM, December 2018

Study: 60 Percent of Workers Have Quit or Are Considering Quitting Right Now. Here’s the Simple Reason Why

By Marcel Schwantes in INC. – October 10, 2018

Why Are Your Employees Quitting? A Study Says it Comes Down to Any of These 6 Reasons

By Marcel Schwantes in INC. – October 23, 2017

“Here’s the No. 1 reason why employees quit their jobs”

By David Novak – Provided by CNBC LLC – July 4, 2019

Why Employees Quit: 20 Stats Employers Need to Know

By Marvin Russell in Medium – August 8, 2018

“Culture beats salary”

By Heather Nezich in SBAM, July 18, 2019

Want to Be a Great Manager? Research Says Do This, and Your People Will Be 3 Times as Likely to Be Engaged

By Melanie Curtin in INC. – June 12, 2019

Leadership and behavior: Mastering the mechanics of reason and emotion

McKinsey Quarterly – October 2016 Interview with Eric Maskin and Eyal Winter

13 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

Justin Bariso in Inc. – February 28, 2018

How listening more will change you

Mary Jo Asmus – April 23, 2019 in JumpStart

The 3 I’s of effective leadership

By Naphtali Hoff – April 10, 2019 in SmartBrief

Becoming a leader of influence

Naphtali Hoff – May 8, 2019 in SmartBrief

The Future of HR: Creating an Agenda for Reinvention


The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement


How to Harness Emotional Intelligence in a Multigenerational Workplace 

Influence Greatness

O.C. Tanner

Three Things that will Boost Employee Engagement

Why the Millions We Spend on Employee Engagement Buy Us So Little

Decoding leadership: What really matters

Claudio Feser, Fernanda Mayol, & Ramesh Srinivasan, McKinsey & Company – January 2015

The 7 Most Common Leadership Styles & How to Find Your Own

Braden Becker in Hubspot – May 28, 2018

Human Resources Gets Its ISO Approval

Dan McMurrer and Laurie Bassi in Workforce – January 10, 2019

Want More Emotional Intelligence in 2019? Do More of This 1 Thing, According to 2 Clinical Psychologists

Minda Zetlin, The Geek Gap- Jan. 2019

Why should leaders increase their EQ?

John R. Stoker, Smart Brief- October 2018

Emotional intelligence: What it is and why you need it

Travis Bradberry, TalentSmart- February 2017

5 Tips for Recruiting and Retention

Kanoe Namahoe, Smart Brief- October 2018

4 Things We Should Change in the Hiring Process: Cover Letters, Interview Follow-up, & Salary Transparency

Jody Ordioni, ERE- Sept. 2018

Ask these 4 questions before hiring a remote worker

Alexis Bruemmer, Fast Company- August 2018

What to look for in a resume- A guide to identifying high-performing candidates

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

Shawn Andrews, Wordforce- September 2018

Emotional Intelligence for Sales People- Why you should be paying attention?

Susan Judd, Managing Director, HR Culture- September 2018

Three Questions to Evaluate a Candidate’s Emotional Intelligence

Kellie Brown- June 2018 in ERE

Stop Thinking of Millennials as Millennials

Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, INC.- August 2018

Onboarding Isn’t Enough

Mark Byford, Michael D. Watkins, and Lena Triantogiannis, Harvard Business Review- May-June 2017 Issue

Winning with your talent-management strategy

McKinsey & Company, Published August 2018

What Is Talent Management and How Is It Different From HR?

Halden Ingwersen, Talent Management, Published July 6, 2018

Why the jobs crisis is actually a skills crisis (and what it’ll take to fix it)

Gary Pinkus, Chairman of McKinsey & Company in North America

Demand for Michigan workers is very high, but many have given up looking

Mike Wilkinson, Bridge Magazine

Competency is Not Enough – Job Fit is Key to Better Hiring Decisions

Lou Adler, CEO at The Adler Group

Should you hire for job or organization fit?

Caitlin Leishman, HRSG

The Difference Between Coaching & Mentoring

Management Mentors

Learning Behavior Change From Criminals

Nik Kinley, Chief Learning Officer

Talent Management as a Business Discipline: A Conversation with Unilever CHRO Leena Nair

McKinsey & Company

Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent

Scott Keller & Mary Meaney, McKinsey & Company

Measuring ROI in Human Resources: Calculating the Impact of ROI on HR Programs

Jack J. Phillips, ROI Institute

Focus on the five percent

Scott Keller & Bill Schaninger, McKinsey & Company

How You Promote People Can Make or Break Company Culture

Jessica Rohman, Chinwe Onyeagoro, & Michael Bush, Harvard Business Review

I Used to Think HR was B.S. Here’s Why I Was Dead Wrong

Frank Kalman, Managing Editor, Talent Economy

One Change that will Immediately Improve Your Hiring Process

Chris McGoff, Founder, The Clearing

Learning Behavior Change from Criminals

Nik Kenley, Chief Learning Officer

Here’s How You Retain Millennials

Bravetta Hassel, Chief Learning Officer

More Employee-Centric Talent Management in 2017

Bravetta Hassel, Chief Learning Officer