The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees

Coaching not only changes the culture of an organization, but it increases performance and leads to a significant return on investment.

There are some tasks we can take care of once a year, like paying taxes or going to the doctor for our annual checkup. Then there are other tasks we need to perform more often, sometimes even daily. Ensuring superb performance from all of our employees falls into the latter category, especially during times of economic turbulence. Fortunately, managing (or coaching) employees so they can perform at the highest levels is more enjoyable than most annual tasks and it results in increased organizational value.

All organizations are striving to improve employee productivity in order to grow overall business performance and corporate value. But the tool we most often use to improve performance – the performance review – really isn’t capable of helping us reach our overall goal. The reasons for its failure are numerous; but, its biggest flaw is that it is the equivalent of looking in the rearview mirror to see where the employee has been and perhaps failed. Why not look ahead, through the windshield, to see where the employee can successfully go? Additionally, since performance reviews occur once a year, if at all, they require us to look back over a long period of time. Any corrective solutions generally are too late to do any good.

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