So, You’re Thinking About Using Assessments. What’s the ROI Webinar

So, You’re Thinking About Using Assessments. What’s the ROI?- Webinar

High performing organizations have an almost fanatical focus on adding value to everything they do, all the while avoiding and reducing costs. That includes how they go about selecting, developing, and mentoring employees – one of the most critical responsibilities for today’s managers. Learn how organizations save money by making investments in quality assessments.


Upon completion of the webinar, HR professionals will gain a better understanding of:

  • Why assessments are used, especially in the pre-employment process;
  • What constitutes a good assessment;
  • Which assessment(s) they should, and for what purpose; and
  • What’s the potential Return on Investment (ROI) when companies use good assessments for selection, development and mentoring purposes

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