The Mindful Leader

Course Description

The Mindful Leader Program is a powerful one-day leadership program bringing together the latest developments in Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.  During this program, participants will improve their understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence. They will also explore and practice tools and techniques for applying mindfulness as a means to improve the quality of their leadership.  During the program they will be provided their Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment Feedback Report, a Development Tips workbook, and expert led debrief and action planning methodologies to help leaders leverage strengths and address development opportunities.


Classroom based:  Full day (or two 1/2 day sessions)


  • Explore the science of emotions and emotional intelligence,
  • Examine the Genos model of emotional intelligence,
  • Review feedback about their emotionally intelligent leadership behavior, and
  • Explore and practice a set of mindfulness techniques as the gateway to enhancing their emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.


  • The definition of mindfulness
  • Exploring five mindfulness practices designed to help develop greater levels of self-awareness and self-management
  • Exploring best practice approaches to responding to feedback
  • Examining ways of integrating the mindfulness practices to leadership.


The Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership 180o Assessment