Hiring Good Candidates- Best Practices Webinar

Hiring Good Candidates – Best Practices- Webinar

Most organizations use the traditional “tried and true” methods of hiring people – unstructured interviews and background checks. They continue to do so despite a growing body of evidence that demonstrates traditional interviews are extremely unreliable as indicators of future job performance in the workplace. Organizations serious about improving their profitability and long-term viability in an increasingly competitive world economy are quickly learning the old traditional way of hiring people (their Human Capital) won’t cut it today. Hiring a team with the right mix of talent and expertise takes significant time and energy, but it’s all worth it when you find the right people for the right jobs – not to mention the gratification in seeing how each individual helps the team move forward in a new way.

Upon completion of this webinar, HR professionals will have a better understanding of the importance of a comprehensive recruiting strategy consisting of:

  • Employment Branding;
  • Networking, even when you don’t have an open position;
  • Documenting the job requirements/description;
  • Creating inspiring job announcements and the use of social media;
  • Preparing for the interview and the use of Behavioral Interview Questions;
  • Using valid pre-employment assessments;
  • An effective interview process – a team approach;
  • Making a hiring decision using a good post-interview analysis;
  • Negotiating an offer; and
  • Onboarding and metrics

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